Dinner and a Lecture with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

I was honored to be selected to attend a nutritarian lecture and book signing given by Dr. Fuhrman. We gathered at the Pyramid Bistro in Aspen, Colorado to hear the incredibly interesting talk about Nutritarianism which promotes eating larger quantities of nutrient dense foods and fewer foods with very little nutritional value. While engaged in the

Dr. Fuhrman Photo
Dr Furman, his son

information Dr. Fuhrman was presenting, we sampled amazing organic food prepared by the renowned chef, Martin Oswald and his crew. The Pyramid Bistro’s mission is to, “provide fresh nutrient dense food that is organic and locally sourced whenever possible.” Dr. Fuhrman followed up his non-formal lecture with a question & answer session. He then had his latest cook book, “Eat To Live” available with an optional book signing. It was truly an enchanting evening.

For more information about being Nutritarian or Dr. Joel Fuhrman please visit www.drfuhrman.com.

For more information about the Pyramid Bistro or chef Martin Oswald, visit www.pyramidbistro.com.


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