My “Dirty” Little Secret

So, I am going to do something uncomfortable and admit a secret.  I don’t really like the idea of this secret being made public, but I know that there is probably someone else in the world that will understand how I feel.  I just can’t continue to be seen as all put together when deep down I suffer from the same desires and temptations as anybody else.  Before I reveal my dirty little secret, I must detail some specifics.

I made a choice in 2013 to be a gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, 40% raw, flexitarian (nutritarian).  That is a mouthful, isn’t it?  I will break it down.  I am going to assume that most know what it means to be gluten-free and dairy-free (because this is such a huge topic, I will discuss both in more detail in a later blog post.)  GMO’s are genetically modified organisms.  This is a very controversial topic that I plan to address as well in future posts.  I try to eat at least 40% daily of raw nuts, fruits and vegetables, while the other 60% can be cooked.  The flexitarian (nutritarian) part is that I eat mainly a plant-based diet, however I also eat some animal protein like eggs, beef, pork and chicken that has been raised organic, humane and in the case of beef…100% grass fed.  I strive to eat all of my food organic, non-GMO, preferably local and as little processed as possible.  So in a nut-shell, I am considered a “clean” eater.  Clean eating also referred to as Nutritarian involves eating as much whole, organic foods as you can.  If it grows from the ground or water or eats what grows from the ground or water, it is whole food.  As Michael Pollan says, “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made from a plant, don’t.”

OK, now the “dirty” little secret.  Sometimes I am bored with what I have to eat.  Maybe this isn’t the type of secret you really what you wanted to hear, but it has made me feel like a hypocrite and maybe you have felt this too.  Many people who know me think that my diet comes natural and easy.  Yes, it is easy and it should come natural, but because of how prevalent “dirty” food is – “whole food” can at times be the boring choice.  Did I say that out loud?  Why haven’t I professed that eating “right” isn’t always FUN, before?  Probably because there are so many professionals, health spokesmen and fellow coaches that claim how fantastic, delicious and easy it is to prepare “clean” healthy foods each and every day.  I absolutely agree with them, but  I feel an important component to re-programming our brains to make healthy food choices, is our emotional state at the time we eat.  If we are bored with food, we are more apt to be lured to the un-healthy processed options that exist everywhere unless we are able to over-come those feelings.

I have prepared many meals that I felt were worthy of a commercial.  However, there are rare times that I have been enticed into the idea of grabbing something quick and “dirty” because I was bored with my usual options.  This past Friday I looked at my refrigerator & produce table and became obsessed with the thought of pizza.  Not the organic GF/DF frozen version that I have purchased when my family craved a pizza.  No, I wanted the local chain style full of gluten, dairy, pesticides, herbicides, artificial ingredients, probably MSG and heavily dripping with saturated fat.  How could this possibly sound good?  I even had a vision flash of the misery that awaited me if I continued to make this choice.  I did not practice mindful eating while I inhaled almost the entire 16″ “thin” crust vegetarian pie.  I cannot tell a lie, every bite tasted SOOO good.  It wasn’t long before I felt like the emergency room could be my bedroom for the night.  My body went on HIGH alert for foreign aliens attacking the mothership.  Fortunately, this is not a common occurrence.  While it seemed like a few minutes of intense “dirty” pleasure, it SOOO wasn’t worth it! 

I do not have a definitive answer for this problem.  Everyone is different and I can only speak from personal experience.  There is a sense of freedom, though, when we admit we aren’t perfect, nor always eat perfectly.  However, that doesn’t get us off the hook.  Let’s keep making the best choice possible!  Let me know if I can help support you!  I come from a place of authenticity.


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