Blender Bev Day 2

Day 2

I felt thoroughly present and engaged with plenty of energy until bedtime yesterday.  I cannot state with accuracy that it is because I drank wonderful veggies besides eating them throughout the day, but I can say that it was the only noticeable difference.

I put together bev #2 after lunch only because it was the way my day aligned.  Bev #2 is not much different from Bev #1 except I changed some greens and a fruit.

Before Blending
Before Blending

Bev #2

  • 1 fuji apple with skin
  • Handful of pea shoots
  • Handful of micro greens
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 smaller kale leaves minus stems
  • a few mint leaves
  • splash aloe vera
  • filtered water

The combination is slightly altered which definitely gives the drink a different color, texture and taste.  Still refreshing, the flavor is subtle and palatable.  I finished it quickly because it was at room temperature due to no frozen berries.  For some people, they might be a little bit of time to get use to the texture from blending in a Ninja.  It is not a smooth as it would be in a Vitamix or high-speed blender.  This is not a bother for me because the texture is probably finer than what my teeth would produce by chewing the veggies whole.  I had no negative side effects.

The whole process from assembling the veggies into the blender and drinking it only took around 10 minutes tops.  How easy is that?  An instant nutrient boost!

Now my other children want to join my teenage son and drink a blender bev in the morning with their breakfast before school.






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