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My 11 year old daughter and some fellow classmates recently published some paragraphs in Orion Magazine with the guidance and encouragement of their 4th/5th grade teachers.  I wanted to share a few of them, but by all means check all of them out at Orion Magazine online.  This effort is a great example of the incredible servitude of teachers and their impact on our children’s development.  It is easy to criticize much that is wrong with education in our country, but I want to focus on the positive attributes that can only be highlighted by our unsung heroes – teachers.  As much of us wind down our school year, take time to appreciate the many men and women that are igniting sparks of creativity in our children each and every day.

Place Where You Live:
by MIAH SUAREZ – MAY 15, 2015
fall in gregory Park

I sit at my spot in Gregory park placed in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I wait season by season as changes occur throughout the year. I take notice of the beauty, the welcome backs that Mitchell Creek whispers.

Fall: Mitchell Creek rushing, creates a wonderful sight for a close up painting or picture with a background of orange log cabins with a mountain standing tall with courage. The smell of Autumn, fresh cool air, with the help of the cold creek. I look up, trees hanging low. I look down, rocks lying stiff on the cold ground. I smile as the young waterfall plays around on the rocks that stay bored. I feel comforted, happy, and loved when I make new friends with nature and the world, especially in fall at my spot, in Gregory Park. I laugh at the little water droplets that compete to see who jumps higher. The perfect place to meditate and connect with the world around us. The cold dirt that I sit on always enjoys when I stand up. Oh what a beautiful place, to be in the Fall, at my spot.

Place Where You Live:
i’ve imaged my spot as my very own home. Why you may ask well it’s loud just like the horrible annoying CREEK! This place is just like home another reason is it’s quiet but only when my two little sisters are around? It’s so quiet around my spot when the leaves are following the fresh air. But when the creek is near by it’s just too loud “you are a spoiler”! Things that I feel around my spot is dirty, amazing, and very comfortable.

All I can smell are the fresh leaves from the trees and the socked in IMG_8092-771x514soil.

Things I touch when i’m here at my spot a pencil journal and well nothing else.

I hear planes, cars, and people talking driving and flying all at the same time.

I see almost everything where I am at my spot I see clouds coming from way up high I see all the things that I can’t imagine.

Laying near my spot it’s just too exciting because you have your journal and pencil and yourself here and it’s just a place for people when they’re frustrated and they leave it behind. This is why my spot is amazing to me.

Place Where You Live:
by KELLY STARK – MAY 15, 2015
hi my name is Kelly my spot is where me and and 5th grade come to write our poems .This is my changing of all the seasons. I have been through fall, winter, and spring. Through out all the year I have seen the snow the leaves the birds the creek. Fall was a beautiful time in the year my favorite thing was the leaves the colors were purple, green, red, the leaves would fall like airplanes waiting to land.The winter is a wonderful time to look at the snow sparkling like 1,000,000 diamonds on the ground . The spring the fresh air you can hear the birds tweet the leaves are back and the green grass is bright and the leaves are still colored until summer. so can you keep your parks clean and you can see the changes like me?


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