I just returned from an amazing retreat in the La Plata mountains near Durango, Colorado with my youngest son and 4 other women that I did not previously know.  DSCN0608Our host and teacher was the wild food foraging expert, Katrina Blair.  I cannot begin the articulate the vast amount of information that Katrina shared with all of us.  We learned to identify nutritional and medicinal wild plants.  All of our meals were created from the wild food we gathered from the forest.  We stayed in a cabin off the grid which allowed all of us to complete detox from our electronic, busy lives and connect with nature in a relaxing uninhibited way.  If you are ever in Durango, Colorado please visit the Local Wild Life Turtle Cafe on east 3rd street to experience a wild, local grown living food lunch.

DSCN0597We began our journey at the educational cafe and ate an absolutely delicious lunch before heading up to the cabin in the mountains.  We hiked, identified, harvested, learned to make green juices, recipe making, wild cattail bread making, yoga, wild plant medicine making and learned about using wild plants for beauty products and tooth powders, After days at the cabin, we left the mountains and met at the home of Katrina’s mother, Pat, a holistic health practitioner who was diagnosed with R.A. at the age of 17.  She made some Comfrey juice for us as we were infused with even more beautiful knowledge of wild plants, de-toxing and DSCN0628juicing.  We then headed out to the Turtle Lake Refuge farm and shared some Osage honey and after departed for home.  I would like to share some of the life changing information so I will be writing a series of posts that stem from the knowledge I gained as a student of Katrina & Pat Blair, Deb Buck and Tyler VanGemert.  A big shout out to my new wild food friends:  Stacy, Diana, Kimberly and Stephanie.  I also learned from each of you and appreciate your friendship.  Happy foraging!


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