ABC Almond Butter Celery

FullSizeRenderThe perfect snack for anyone without nut allergies, especially children.

This is an extremely quick, easy snack to prepare.


  1. Freshly ground raw almond butter
  2. Raw unfiltered honey
  3. Celery

Mix a desired amount of honey with some almond butter in a bowl.  Put into the crevice of celery ribs.  Eat. You can also just take the celery and scoop up some almond butter and eat.

This snack will give you a boost any time of day, but highly effective for those sluggish afternoons.  It is a great after-school/after-work snack that can be prepared in 5 minutes or less.  It also packs well in lunches.  Almond Butter Celery is incredibly cost efficient.  I was able to provide 15 pieces for three of my children and myself, for approximately $9 without using all of the celery, honey or almond butter.

As with any food that you are consuming, I highly suggest always choosing local and organic whenever possible.  


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