Sawyer Fredericks in Aspen

IMG_2141Last night I was surprised with tickets to a concert at the Belly Up in Aspen, Colorado.  Mia Z opened and Sawyer Fredericks was the main event.  It was a packed house and we got way more than our $10 tickets were worth.  This amazingly talented young teenager put on a heck of a show.

Mia Z, who also was a contestant on the Voice season 8, opened the night with a very intimate session accompanied by one band member, her Mother on keyboards.  She held our attention for nearly an hour with her raspy 3 octave range before Sawyer hit the stage.  I lost count of how many songs he sang and the number of times he changed guitars before the band headed off stage and he gifted us with 5 solo songs.  After the band took their break they came back to join Sawyer for countless more beautiful arrangements.  The entire production was carefully crafted.  Like an airplane beginning take-off, each selection grew in intensity.  By the end of the evening we were craving more, and we got what we begged for in the encore.  Two more songs and a final appearance from Mia Z to close out the show with a duet track off Sawyer’s new album “A Good Storm.”   There were some teenagers and kids in attendance enjoying this clean family friendly production, but it was a bit awkward to hear all of the cougars in the front row embarrassing Sawyer in their drunken ignorance.



As a Mother of children his age, I couldn’t resist telling him to stay grounded.  Based upon his reaction, he has heard that before from other Motherly types.  I only wish we could have traded hair secrets.  I could have brought him one of my freshly made coconut oil shampoo bars and he could tell me how he keeps those locks so healthy.


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