The Pressure of a Sinus Infection

I am no stranger to the dreaded Sinus Infection.  In my allergy stricken past, I suffered from perpetual maladies which frequently resulted in a sinus infection.  It has been quite some time since my head felt like it was being tightened in multiple vice grips.  Thanks to my hygiene ignorance after working in a school, I woke up the next morning with a cold that decided to settle in my sinuses.  I immediately began a protocol that works wonders on any illnesses my family may acquire.   I will make mention of what we use in our family but I must express that this is not medical advise for anyone and should not be taken as such.

FIRE CIDER tops the list.  I am so grateful that I made extra batches this fall.  Fire Cider is not only for colds or flu, it is wonderful to aid with digestive complications or just when an added immune boost is desired.  I drank a shot glass of FC before bed. (for those that are not aware of the contents…there is enough garlic and onions in it to stop Dracula in his tracks)

A TEA TREE OIL NETTI is essential because the antibacterial properties help clear out bacteria in the sinus cavities.  It feels wonderful when you feel congested to add one drop of high quality organic Tea Tree Essential Oil to the warm Netti saline solution and then irrigate.  I do this first thing in the morning and sometimes before bed.

OIL OF OREGANO needs no introduction.  Whenever infection is present no matter where, we use Oil of Oregano because it is nature’s antibiotic.  A word of caution, it is very potent and can irritate your skin.  There are very bold people that can put a drop under the tongue.  I have done this and regretted every minute of it…I am a wimp.  Instead I put a drop or two in a cup of water and swirl as I drink while trying to keep it off my lips.

A spoonful of HONEY helps the medicine go down.  We are all aware of the amazing benefits of honey.  I like to take a spoonful directly in my mouth or added to a warm glass of lemon water.  Any raw unfiltered honey is acceptable but if you happen to have Manuka honey on hand this would be the time to open it up.  A good bee keeper friend of mine, John,  gave me some Honeyssdew honey which has similar superior characteristics that I recently enjoyed.

ELDERBERRIES & HIBISCUS warmed up in my clay earthenware pot low and slow makes up a delicious decoction.  Elderberries have a been used medicinally since ancient times because of the strong anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties.  This would explain why you can go into any store and find Sambucus Syrup on the shelf.  I add Hibiscus Flowers because they are very high in Vitamin C and I like the sharp tart taste it adds to the drink.

The best is left for the last.  This is my most favorite find and wish I had known about it years ago.  CAYENNE PEPPER!!  img_0098Out of desperation I researched the internet because I had the most excruciating headache ever.  Cayenne Pepper was top of every list so I tried it.  I put just a few specs of Cayenne on the tip of a cotton swab, inserted it high into the nasal cavity, closed the other nostril with my finger and then snorted.  I then repeated in the other nostril.  The first 10 minutes I experienced the burn but 15 minutes later my headache had lessened so much that I could actually move around without feeling I was going to pass out.  I couldn’t believe it.  The next day I tried a little bit more on the swab and I experienced a pretty intense burn following by repetitive sneezing.  This one lasted a little longer but approximately 30 minutes later I was good enough to go watch my son play a local basketball game.  I honestly have never experienced anything like Cayenne Pepper.  This will definitely be added to my herbal travel kit.

We have many other wonderful herbal remedies that might be combined with some of the above but the most important advise is to rest, drink water and eat organic whole foods.  If you are not in the mood to eat much, blend up some greens with an apple and water and drink it.  It is important to aid the bodies immune system with nutrient rich foods.  And by all means, avoid sugar!


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