Nettle is such IMG_0010a fantastic herb for many reasons.  It is a special liver tonic that is full of nutrients and supports the immune system.  I love drinking Nettle tea on a daily basis.

Nettle is also great for hair, especially darker hair colors so I infuse dried Nettles in Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for my IMG_0011hair rinse.  After letting it mascerate for approximately six weeks, I then strain out the vinegar, add essential oils (I use EO’s like Clove Oil, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Patchouli, Lavender, Vetivert, Pettigrain), and bottle for storage.  I compost the leftover Nettles.  IMG_0012To make the rinse, I just add a couple of TBSP of the Nettle Vinegar in a dark glass bottle to filtered water.  I keep it in my shower with my Shampoo Bar.  The bottle on the left is the Nettle Rinse for the shower, the bottle in the middle and on the right are concentrated Nettle vinegar that I will store in a dark cool cabinet.  They will make many bottles of Hair Rinse.  Just a note, because the vinegar is alive a “mother” will probably be present.  This is completely normal and good.

My hair care process is to lather my Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar in my hair and wash out with water.  I then apply the Nettle Vinegar Hair Rinse in my hair from roots to tips.   After 5 minutes,  I then wash out the hair rinse in cool water.  It is very invigorating and leaves my hair very soft with shine.


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