IMG_0009I just finished making another batch of Shampoo Bars.  I have been making them for years for me and my husband.  Besides having an abundant supply of shampoo in the cupboard, they are portable, save us money, completely biodegradable and have absolutely no waste for the landfill.  They usually last us for a year before it is time to make more.  I found THIS RECIPE from a wonderful website, MOMMYPOTAMUS, a few years back.  Heather has included a great video tutorial that makes the process of making the bars quite easy.

  I will warn that these bars are not for overly processed hair.  Your hair must be mainly natural without color treatment or chemical processing. I only have a few gray hairs at this time so I just spot use henna when needed.  However, if you have or are ready to make the change to natural hair, these bars will cleanse and strip the yuck off your strands.  It is important to follow with a vinegar hair rinse to restore the PH.  I make a beautiful Nettle Vinegar Hair Rinse that is wonderful for darker hair colors.


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