Free Winter Exercise & Therapy

20181207_112951What a beautiful morning it was to shovel the driveway and walks.  I could have broke out the snow blower, but instead I chose my youngest son’s extremely small snow shovel knowing it would take me a little bit longer to finish.  At no extra cost to me, I received a cardio and weight-bearing workout for arms and legs.  Not to mention all the unrecognizable little muscles that are forgotten during normal training.   I treasured breathing the cool, fresh air while soaking up much-needed Vitamin D as the sun peaked through the clouds.  There was a playful contrast of the cold saturating me externally and the heat generating from within.  I think you will agree that there is great satisfaction in obtaining a good bargain.  This was my attitude of delight as I scooped up as much of the solid water as I could, for the lawn, trees and plants.  Again, completely gratis.  Conscious of how painful my summer water bills are, this deal seemed like a crime.  Oh how I yearn for continued precipitation all winter.  The bane of my existence is order and organization, however, shoveling the even lines in repetitious movement was quite therapeutic.  It was like walking through a labyrinth and allowing my mind to de-stress by absorbing the sounds of the birds chirping, shovel scraping and my boots crunching the snow.  Instead of focusing on all that is waiting for me to accomplish the rest of the day, or worry about the problems plaguing my life… I am clear and open to meditate by praising, thanking my God and being content in Him.  I must say this hour of multitasking was refreshing, uplifting and invigorating.  I actually took care of myself while taking care of chores.  Next time you tackle an odd job, housework or task, don’t miss the opportunity to notice all of the added benefits and rewards that are lurking beneath the mundane.


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