We recently moved and during this process we discovered dangerous black mold growing in the frame of our Select Comfort bed. We have been extremely pleased with our bed and have possessed it for over 15 years so it was an absolute disappointment. Because we weren’t sure where all the mold could have spread and the mattress was showing the signs of age, we opted to just purchase a new bed. I spent the next couple of months researching and deciding if we should get another Sleep Number bed or look elsewhere. I narrowed it down and decided on an Avocado bed. I was intrigued with it from my healthful, natural standpoint. I loved that it didn’t emit toxic gases, was made from organic natural and sustainable materials in the USA and had an unbelievable warranty and trial period. I was very nervous about many of the reviews stating it was incredibly firm so I purchased the plush topper separately. My husband loves a firm bed but I like it mostly firm with a little cush.

Unwrapping the bed was so fun because it is compressed so in a few minutes it doubles in size. We purchased a King and I was surprised at how heavy it is. You definitely need a couple of people to move it around. Once it is unwrapped, it is best to let it acclimate for a few hours before sleeping. There was a very distinct natural smell of lambs wool, as the one we purchased is made from wool. Some might not like this smell, but it did not put me off…I actually liked it. It still is somewhat apparent whenever I change the bedding. It is not noticeable when the bed is made, I’m sure it helps that we purchased the organic mattress protector. There is a vegan option, but I liked the idea that the wool would actually be warming and cooling when appropriate.

Mattress without the plush topper

After three months with the Avocado mattress and plush topper, we are very happy. We did notice some sagging that started to happen and realized with the aid of their exceptional customer support that it was the plush topper. The support team was ready to replace the topper from our plush version to a firm version but I decided it didn’t effect our sleep so we chose to keep the current one until time to replace with the firm topper. Our concerns for contacting Avocado support were based in possibly having a mattress that was sagging so soon into the bed life. Once it was affirmed that the culprit was the topper, we could rest assured that we had made a good purchase.

Obviously, only time will be the true test in whether or not this was the correct choice, but for now we remain pleased. We also purchased a Purple mattress for one of our daughters at the same time as the Avocado. While the Purple is not naturally and sustainably made, it is made in the USA and my daughter loves it. I do not get any kickbacks for mentioning either mattress. I have inserted links if you are interested.

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